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Royalty in Music

Hello folks! Feelin’ groovy?

So far we’ve been providing you guys with excellent features for our #blackhistorymonth celebration, and we hope they’ve been inspiring you to strive for your own excellence that we know you have!

So here’s a question: How much does music mean to you?

If one had to describe music, it’d be like a constant companion that gets us through many moments - whether good or bad. In its own way, it comforts us with its melodic charms, it gives us that extra OOMF when we wanna kill it at the gym, or it gives us that chance to have our own mini-concerts in the shower. (You know what I’m talking about)

It’s interesting how we all have our different tastes in music, yet, most of us appreciate the impact it has on our lives. It’s the right arrangement of chords and/or lyrics that grips us to relish in this heavenly experience for a brief moment.

It’s a connection.

And that connection is the reason why musicians get inspired to share their music to the world. It's a level of vulnerability that lets you reveal your inner world, that can resonate with others. Such is the way of life for Dominica’s Princess of Song, Michele Henderson.

Michele’s fervor for music stemmed from being in a musical family. Both of her parents did not fall short of showing her the magic behind music. From the tender age of 2, she was already sharing her sweet vocals. Her expertise in music was expanded as she learned to play the flute and recorder at the Kairi School of Music. Her powerful voice quickly became a favorite among locals.


When Michele was 15 years old, she joined the band, “Impact” as the lead singer. The band was known for its Jazz style, managing to release one album. Apart from her magical voice, she had not forgotten her prowess with the flute as a musician. The band enjoyed a brief time together before disbanding in 1997.

Before Impact was no more, Michele became involved in the Calypso scene. Calypso is an Afro-Caribbean musical genre that can be found throughout the Caribbean region. It’s recognized by its upbeat tempo and attention-grabbing lyrics. It‘s most known for its satirical account of events - social commentary if you will. Listeners are beckoned by singers to be attentive to the message behind its catchy tune and hilarious lyrics. Of course, Michele took part behind-the-scenes of these events, serving as a background vocalist to local calypsonians, as well as, one of Dominica’s bands, WCK.


Did you think Michele’s love for music could be contained in only one island?


Michele’s electrifying performances at the World Creole Festival in Dominica led to her releasing her first solo album (“Michele Henderson”), with the help of Impact’s bass player - and now husband - Roland Delsol Jr. Her use of the Dominican creole lexicon and beats brings many Dominican listeners back ‘home’ by just listening to it.

But that’s not all, her music managed to appeal to even foreign listeners and to any age group. Her album produced so much positive feedback, that it led her to having the opportunity to perform her own music across the world! We’re talking Guadeloupe, Finland, France, Denmark, New York and much more!

Her ladder of success continues to extend upwards, as she has produced 6 albums and continues her songwriting for herself, as well as, other artists. She dabbles in various styles, but is persistent in producing music that speaks to many souls about life and various experiences that we all can connect to.

Her stardom led to her being titled “Dominica’s Princess of Song”, and honestly, no title fits her better.

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