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Let's Unpack It

A community of young and not-so-young people with a common goal to advocate for, bring awareness to and have open discourse about Mental Health, informed by evidence, and free of judgement or ridicule. 


Let's Unpack It, founded in January 2020 by Mr. David Johnson, was born out of a clear need for a platform for young and not-so young people to have real, down-to-earth, actionable conversations about Mental Health and Wellness, in a judgment free zone, and in a way that breaks down the barriers of stigma, societal norms and gross misconceptions.


In a world plagued by the COVID-19 pandemic, and all of its inherent implications, now, more than ever, we need more safe spaces for people

who are finding it hard to take a breath, to stay afloat, or say “I’m not ok”.

We must endeavor to make it normal for people to express their mental struggles without fear of judgement, ridicule or being labelled as ‘weak’.


Let’s Unpack It is a grain of sand in this global movement to generate

Mental Health Awareness.


Our Motto? Listen. Unite. Inspire.


Our Mission? Play our part to beat the stigma surrounding Mental Health, and influence palpable change in the way ordinary young people in the Caribbean and across the globe talk about, think about and cope with Mental Health Challenges. 


Our Vision? Work towards a world where everyone feels heard and supported, and where society grows to value Mental Health as a core part of overall health; such that we normalize help seeking and accessing treatment for Mental Health concerns, just as we do for challenges with our Physical Health. 



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