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Dont Overlook Your Accomplishments

We're in the second month of a brand new year and I'm sure there's at least one goal in your list that you've tried to work on. It might be or might not be much, but HEY! Progress is progress, am I right?

On a regular basis, I’d usually curate a list of tasks for the day. Something’s gotta feel organized somehow. (Am I the only one here with this?)

These tasks and goals are usually outlined in my bullet journal. It keeps me abreast with what's been done and what still needs to be done for the day. So yeah, I'm a bit of an organized freak. Despite this, I still succumb to my doubts:

Am I really making progress or am I just deluding myself?
Is this all a waste of time?

I don't know about you, but I'm a person who can easily second guess myself. Most times I micro analyze my every word and action. I’m constantly fighting down thoughts that I’ll never be good enough, I'll forever be an awkward mess and never amount to anything. If I give myself just a tiny bit of mental space, I’d be comparing myself to another person’s life, going further down the rabbit hole of doubt and self-pity.

But how about this: what would your younger self think if they were in your shoes right now?


Would little Keebs have ever considered the stuff I'm doing now?
Would she have imagined that she would survive high school?

Would she have imagined that she’d make friends throughout the years?
Would she see herself getting in a relationship with the most amazing guy she’s ever met?
How about working with an incredible team who shares a similar vision or prepping to do her master's?

When I look at it, there are things that I practically do on a daily basis now that she would NEVER, haha. (Who would have think I now like to eat papayas and melons, NOT ME)

This is a core principle of time: things are never really the same in 5 years, much less in a year. It may not be so obvious, but something has changed. It could be our perception of life, tastes, strategy, styles, favorite color- whatever it is, something will be different.

Success may not be linear, but the efforts you made have been the bridge to reach that goal. Don't overlook those efforts!

The efforts of past me became vital tools for present me. What was once difficult became effortless. Growth is definitely present! It can be achievable!

And that's what I want to remind you today. We shouldn't be so hard on ourselves for how much we're doing right now. You've come so far already from your first step!

So, think of the impossible for a sec.

Your past self was given a chance to travel through time and arrived at this very moment. How would they feel ?

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